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8.     Benjamin 2 Holley, born 15 February 1752, was listed in the pay roll of the 3 rd South Carolina Regiment commanded by Colonel William Thomson for the month of August 1779 and 1 November 1779, in the same list with Berry, Osborn and Allen Jeffers , Gideon and Morgan Griffin , and Drury Harris [NARA, M246, roll 89, frame 194, 196, 198]. He was a taxable "free negro" in the district between the Broad and Catawba rivers in South Carolina in 1784 [South Carolina Tax List, 1783-1800, frame 37]. His daughter Sarah Holly was 62 when she appeared in Orangeburg District court on 11 November 1844 to apply for his pension. She stated that she was the daughter of Benjamin and Priscilla Holly, that her father entered the war in what was then Orangeburg District near the homestead of Colonel William Thomson and enlisted until the end of the war with his comrades: Allen Jeffers , Osborne Jeffers , Benjamin Jeffers , Drury Harris , Morgan Griffin , Gideon Griffin , Arthur Jackson , and Benjamin Carter , many of whom lived not far from her father. Her father died in the district about December 1819 and her mother died in the same district on 19 January 1842. Her mother had two children before her marriage to her father which took place on 10 January 1782. Their only living children were Sarah Holly, Charlotte Hope , and Jane Holly. Sarah presented a book with the birth dates of her family that was said to have been in the handwriting of Colonel Thomson (which has faded). It included the birth of Mary Wootton on 4 October 1773, so perhaps that was Priscilla's maiden name [NARA, , M804, roll 1312, frame 54]. Priscilla was head of a St. Matthews Parish, Orangeburg household of 8 "free colored" in 1820. Priscilla was the mother of i. Mary Wootton , born 4 October 1773, died 16 August 1786.

Keziah Jones - African Space CraftKeziah Jones - African Space CraftKeziah Jones - African Space CraftKeziah Jones - African Space Craft